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About Trucking Accident Litigation

 50 to 70 fatal truck accidents and numerous injury truck accidents happen every year in Washington State.  These accidents cause injuries that end lives, destroy families, and leave previously healthy people disabled and unable to make a living. Many of these accidents, deaths, and injuries were preventable.  Common causes for preventable accidents include truck drivers who are fatigued by long hours on the job, truck drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drug use, and truck drivers who fail to properly maintain equipment.

The drivers of trucks are often under pressure from large corporate trucking companies to ignore the strong federal and state laws that govern long haul trucking in the United States.  If you or a loved one has been injured because of a negligent truck driver, you need to engage an attorney familiar with trucking regulations as soon as possible.  Large trucking companies know how to hide or destroy information about accidents. 

Truck drivers are professionals.  They have no excusses for negligent or careless driving.  They have taken classes to learn the rules and perfect the skills necessary to guide a 40 ton truck safely at highway speeds. 

It is easy to mistakenly think that driving an 18 wheel truck is like driving a passenger car.  It is not.  When compared to a passenger car, an 18 wheel truck is much heavier, is much more difficult to bring to a stop from highway speeds, corners much more poorly, is much less stable in cross winds, and a large truck has blind spots in its rear view that truck drivers either know or should know to compensate for when they plan to make turns or change lanes. 

If you or a loved one have been injured by negligent operation of a commercial truck, you need someone on your side ready to hold large trucking companies accountable.

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